Blog Rules

Below are a set of guidelines I will seek to follow when writing a blog post or response. I hope others who wish to comment or give me their opinion will respectfully observe them as well.

  1. Love. The next points will naturally follow if love is your go-to rule and perspective.
  2. Respect. Be respectful of the ideas, thoughts and beliefs of others. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Be open-minded. No one is perfect.
  3. Listen. Before making a post or response, really listen to what others say. Take some time to think about what others say or what your response will be. Seek to understand another’s perspective.
  4. Apologize. Realize when you have made a mistake and apologize.
  5. Let Things Go. Do not argue for arguments sake and do not become bitter towards others because their opinion is different from your own. Learn to let go, forgive and forget.

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