Blog Purpose

1) Learn
I realize that I have a lot to learn, and, fortunately, I love to learn! Everything I post in this blog is in my pursuit to understand more about life.

2) Grow
I am far from perfect, but I do wish to improve! My hope is that organizing my thoughts and acknowledging my struggles will help me use what I learn for self-improvement.

2) Share
In the attempt to learn and grow, I will be sharing my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and struggles. Keep in mind that these will change over time as I learn even more and as my perspective adapts to new information.

4) Help
If, for some reason, anything said on this blog helps or benefits you – even if that is simply gaining more understanding on another perspective – I am so thankful! I wish to help others in any way that I can (though I may not be good at it), so please ask if you need anything.

5) Seek Input
In the spirit of learning, I wish to hear other’s thoughts, opinions, ideas, and beliefs. I enjoy talking to others about what they believe and hearing their perspective. I realize others may be better educated or wiser on many (all?) subjects, so, your ideas will help me! Please see the next post Blog Rules which are a set of guidelines I hope any responses adhere to. The rules were written for me to consider when writing my posts, but I hope others will respectfully observe them as well.


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